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Drawing the head/face by PaperShinigami
Drawing the head/face
I find using a human skull as a model is helpful :)
I was preactecing a little tonight and just though I'd post this.
Your Red Umbrella by PaperShinigami
Your Red Umbrella
Debajo de tu sombrilla... No ai ningún lugar que quiero estar mas que un lugar donde puedo estar contigo.

Sort of a personal piece. 

I used a set of Irojiten color pencils (Ocean set) I had bought. Very nice pencils, I used the pastels along with some Prismacolors. :)
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Was tagged a while ago by :iconsparrowwrightheart:
It's been a while since I've been tagged in anything.

1: What is the strangest dream you remember?

      It was a mash up between Super Mario Sunshine and Indiana Jones. I was exploring through this zany jungle with my Monday bible study group. It felt like an Indiana Jones film, but looked like Mario Sunshine. For HP we had to eat Oreos.

2: What is your favorite food?
Sushi (namely salmon on rice), alfredo pasta, and birthday cake ice cream made by Baskin' Robbins are my top three.

3: How do you ask What a question about Who?
I don't understand this question and there for can't answer it. Sorry.

4: You're walking and find a small box. You pick it up, there is something rattling around inside, but there is no visible way to open it.
What do you do?
Well first I get uber curious and excited. Then I try and find any way to open the box with out damaging it. Now, one of two thing will happen; One, I give up after a while and remain perplexed and curious forever.  Two, I drive myself mad and eventually say 'screw the box' and then try every means necessary to open it. Either way I'd keep the box, that thing's cool in of it self~ Even if it must be in pieces.

5: You're fishing and catch a sea monster. What now?
Be in total awe, extremely excited, and completely horrified at the same time as I take video and as many photos as I can before I run screaming for help.

6: You joke around and jump onto a slide at the local park. The slide breaks. What now?
Cry, apologize incessantly, feel embarrassed, stupid, and well....fat.

7: Your swimming and see some crazy guy dumping piranha in the pool. Now what?
Promptly get out of the pool and then scream at the idiot for trying to kill me. Then I'd probably push his dumb butt in and call the cops.
Now if I wanted to be really mean, I'd wound the guy first and THEN push him in. But then I'd be a murderer and end up going to jail myself.
XP (Providing this pool isnt chlorinated, cause if it is then the fish would die right away and so there wouldn't be any peril at all.)

(Interesting note:Piranha wont actually attack you unless you are bleeding. So even if said pool was not chlorinated, they might not even attack and there for the killer would have again failed at his task. Yay just stuff to know.)

8: Your thrown into the mouth of a volcano after being kidnapped from your tour group. Luckily there is a rope to grab. But now the crazy people are throwing eggs at you trying to knock you off the rope. Now what?  
Be grateful they're not throwing rocks.
9: The rope is being cut! WHAT NOW!?
Climb faster. Obviously none of these guys are all that bright and are probably using a butterknife.

10: Boy that escalated quickly didn't it?

I'm supposed to tag people, but I wouldn't know who.

So if you want to do this go ahead and enjoy~
Giraffe by PaperShinigami
Nothing special...

Just a picture of a giraffe I thought was cute.

This taken with iTouch and edited with Photoshop.

This was a fun day ~

Fun fact; That is his mom back there :3
Ribbit by PaperShinigami
Taken with a Sony~ That is all i know about that camera :3

He looks cold, poor little ting. No bigger than a thumb nail.


PaperShinigami's Profile Picture
Marie V.W
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I've been drawing since I was little.
I'm largely self taught, but I have managed to grab a local class here and there.
My art is mostly influenced by traditional Japanese works and various Japanese comic artists.
My aim is to do this for a living or at least as a sort of second job.
My tools include Sakura Micron pens and various color pencil sets (Prismacolor, Derwint, Irojiten, etc.).

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Send this to ten friends including me.
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